Thursday, September 1, 2011

This stuff happens in threes right?

So after Emmalyn's little incident that put her in the ER things have just gone down since.

On Monday I drove into a ditch.  Yes, you read that right.  I was only going about 5 mph and was trying to park on the side of the road to drop off a cd to a friend and didn't realize I was driving into a ditch.  Everything was fine once we got the car out, but it was a little scary and quite embarrassing.

Then Emmy got a virus complete with runny nose, cough, no appetite, fever, and uncontrollable irritability.  I decided to take her to the see the pediatrician to make sure her ears weren't getting infected.  Once we were there we found that she's lost weight.  The Dr. said we should push calories at this point.  Any calories.

Here I was worried about getting the right foods in her like fruits and veggies and good meats like fish and chicken and now I'm supposed to give her peanut butter and honey as a snack and ice cream at least once a day (because she won't drink milk).

By the time of her 15 month appointment she needs to gain a pound or two to avoid further testing.  I don't quite know what this testing will tell us and honestly I've been too scared to research it.

Also, while we were with the doctor, he mentioned that we should see a pediatric dentist due to the tooth that was knocked out.

I sure hope this bad news streak is ending soon.  In the NICU we always said that things come in threes so we should be done if the rule applies here too.

I promise I will have a more entertaining post soon (complete with photos), but need to get back in a regular schedule and take care of all the extras that were thrown at me this week.

On a brighter note.....GOOOOOOOO COCKS!!!!!!!!!!


  1. oh my gosh, you've had a rough week :( let me know if i need to come to cola if you need help or simply to show Emmy the finer ways of junk food eating!

    between my car, computer and phone (three's) going out and your bad week of 3's....looks like our lives are still matchy matchy...only not in a fun way this time.

    love you!

    GOOO cocks

  2. Your poor baby girl and mommy! Yall have definitely had a tough week. So go out and enjoy some ice cream together! I wish I was told that I needed to gain weight by eating ice cream daily! : )

  3. Make that baby some chicken crescent rolls! Love you, sis! Praying for you three.


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