Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Very Busy Day

We started our day out pretty lax.  Running around in our underwear. Actually, just Emmy ran around in her underwear but I stayed in pj's for a while.  We spent the last night at Caleb's parents' house and Emmy found some fun stuff of Ama's to play with.

She's starting to get interested with wallets and purses.  Daddy really needs to come home now because I'm not going to be able to support these habits for long by myself!!

Then we finally got ready and went to visit Grandmama (my mom) at her salon before going to Emmy's 15-month appointment.  Emmy found that she could get a better look outside if she stood on this ledge.  We were careful to watch her closely, but how can a cutie like that not bring in more business - even if she hasn't even had a haircut yet in her life?

After her appointment (we will get to that later) we went home for a nap - ya gotta nap after getting a shot in both thighs (poor baby).  After waking up feeling not-so-refreshed, we headed to Ellasyn's house for a play date.  

The girls (and their mommas) had a really good time.  After snacking, reading books, playing with blocks, riding push toys, and awing over the dogs it was time for the girls to get a bath.  

They had the best time in the bath together squealing, splashing each other and their mommas, throwing the bath toys outside the tub, and posing for photos (for the snap happy moms).  

Here the girls were having fun playing "splash wars"

I think this is hilarious!  No, my kid is not about to vomit - just a squealing face.

Ellasyn is such a great poser for her mom!

Once they were squeaky clean and in pj's they found finger puppets, books, and sunglasses to play with.

Ellasyn found a bedtime story and from her facial expressions it was riveting! 

Even her mom thought so! Ha ha!

Even though Emmy's arm is in the foreground, I couldn't help but post this sweet Ellasyn smile!

Emmy found some sunglasses and brought to life "I wear my sunglasses at night"

Then she decided to wear them like mom does - so cute!

Around 9pm the girls fell asleep and Liz and I relaxed while watching the Miss Universe Pageant.  

It was a busy day but so great!

PS - we missed you Amanda!

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