Saturday, September 10, 2011

We Will Not Forget

The happenings on September 11, 2001 hit me pretty hard, but it is affecting my family more today.

Because instead of being home with us, my husband is deployed.  Fighting for so much.  And instead of seeing him everyday I get photos like this once a week.

However, I feel very thankful to still have my husband alive.  So many families lost their loved ones on that horrible day - So, I remember to count my blessings.  

I also wanted to use this remembrance post to let you know how Home Depot is honoring soldiers.  Home Depot has no idea that I'm doing this...I just think they should be recognized for what they are doing for soldiers and their families.  

I love how companies and people use their talents and resources to help the military.  I'm learning quickly how big of a sacrifice being a part of the armed forces really is and it means so much to see others trying to make the lonely times more bearable by providing what they can.

There is also a Facebook group that was formed by a high school classmate and now client of mine that you should check out as well.

Please take a moment tomorrow and pray for the families who lost loved ones ten years ago and remember those who are fighting today and their lonely families sacrificing precious time from their soldier.  It is a lot harder than anyone led me to believe.  

However, to leave on a comical note, I saw this bumper sticker while still living in Alabama and laughed, but now it is very prevalent to my life (no more babies here for a while!)

Army Wife: 

Sexually Deprived for Your Freedom

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  1. Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the daily sacrifice you and your family makes for our freedom. (sexual sacrifices and other ;) ) ...and I'm a big fan of Home Depot too!!


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