Monday, September 26, 2011

Oh Baby!

Yesterday I attended a baby shower for a fellow NICU nurse, Kim.  I took her maternity pictures and posted them on my photography blog a few weeks ago.  You can view them here.

The shower was so fun and big success.  Seeing my old coworkers was great (and made me sad that I'm not with them anymore).

When I wasn't chasing Emmy around I was shutter happy and here are the results...

Cutest pregnant lady laugh!

The NICU ladies know how to spoil a momma!  They built the diaper cake around a bottle of Arbor Mist.  Amazing!  Kim, just don't drink too much at first because 9 months of no alcohol can make you a light weight!  

Are these not some BEAUTIFUL ladies!  It's almost sad that only preemie/sick babies get nurses like these!

Babies added

Kim, Khloe, Emmy, and the hostesses.

One loved little girl!

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