Saturday, September 3, 2011

Movie Anticipation

Last week my mom mentioned that she wanted to see The Help.  I also wanted to see it so I thought it would be a good mother daughter outing.  Emmy stayed with my dad and brother while we chowed down pop corn and laughed at the hilarious antics of the "help" in response to their ungrateful employers.  The movie was great and one I'd recommend. 

I have an infatuation with movies.  I love having a good laugh or good cry whenever I need it and I love how some movies make you appreciate the little things in life and how I hugged Emmy a little tighter after seeing The Help.  You get to escape your life for a couple of hours and live in someone else's and its complete with background music and, if you're at home, a pause button.  

So, now with the hubby gone and my chronic insomnia I get to catch up on movies that I've always wanted to see (thanks to netflix) and look up movies I'm looking forward to seeing.  

I have found three other movies being released in the coming months or already out that I would be interested in seeing.  

I just don't see how one could go wrong with this cast.

One relationship, 20 years.  I love love stories like this!

 Channing Tatum.  Enough said.  

J/k - its about two people who are very in love and get into a car accident and the wife loses her memory so hubby exhausts himself trying to get her to fall in love with him again.  #tear.

Now, I just need a babysitter!

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