Monday, September 19, 2011

A Rude Awakening and Surprise Party!

This past Saturday I threw a surprise anniversary party for my parents.  Well, the surprise was mostly for my mom because my parents planned a trip to Disney World to celebrate and I wanted to make sure I three the party when they would still be in town.  

Then Friday came.  As I was cleaning the house a belt on my vacuum broke (thank goodness I live with another woman who has a vacuum too!).  After trying to fix it for an hour then giving up and using the other vacuum to finish cleaning and having a sick toddler running around me and four dogs to tend to I was pretty tired.  I waited up for Caleb to call, talk to him for a few minutes and headed to bed.  About thirty minutes later every smoke alarm in the house started alarming.  Talk about a rude awakening!  I spend another hour trying to get them to cut off.  Called my dad, Crissy, and the police department for some guidance, but didn't get much from my half asleep father, no answer from Crissy (who was in G-Ville with her family), and a "maybe its the batteries" from the officer.  Thanks.  Finally I made the decision to pack a bag and head to my parents' for the remainder of the night.  However, waking Emmalyn up after 7 hours of sleep made her think it was morning and she didn't sleep AT ALL for the rest of the night.  So, as the party started, I was functioning off of 1 hour of sleep!!!  Good thing my child is cute!  HA!

Oh, the adventures of an army wife during deployment.  I should totally write a book!

So, now that you have the back story we'll start with the pictures.

Here is table set up.  Emmy got hungry before the party started so she taste tested everything first!

I had a family friend make the cake.  The same girl that taught me how to ride a bike without training wheels.  She is a special lady and a great baker!

The framed invitation

The spread

My parents finally arrived and my mom was really surprised.  

Eat.  Drink.  And Be Merry...

And watch Carolina Football!

During half time mom and dad cut the cake.  I love how Emmy didn't want Grandmama to put her down so she ended up with a front row seat to the cake cutting.

Being the only grandchild at the moment, Emmy got to taste the cake too.  

Group shot (thanks Crissy)

One of my dad's oldest friends and his wife looking at my parents' wedding album

My bro finally made it from work so we had to get a family picture (minus Caleb and Emmy)

And the lady that helped me pull it all off!!!  She was so helpful!  We throw a mean party together!

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  1. saw these pics on FB but i LOVE how surprised your mom looks!


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