Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ATL, Dane, Post Baby Body!

So this past weekend Crissy, June, and I ventured to Atlanta for some shopping and to pick up June's new puppy, Dane.  Well, actually it is June's fiance's puppy, but with him being in Afghanistan we had to get it for him.  However, Justin, June's fiance, will be here in a little over 2 weeks so we will finally get to meet him and I get the honor of taking engagement pictures of them!

Anyway, Atlanta with the girls was fun.  Girl talk and shopping are the best even when there is really nothing you can buy because your waist is 800 inches wide!!!!  I just wish I knew how my body will look/change once Emmalyn is out of it so I could have a wardrobe ready.  This is so frustrating!!!!!

I definitely plan on breast feeding, but I just can't see how that is going to make such a big difference.  I've been as active as Emmi will allow and plan on getting outside with her in the stroller as much as possible, but don't know what else is allowed.  Any moms out there that have some post baby weight loss advice, please pass it on!!!!

And, as always, here are a few pictures from the trip to Atlanta.

Meet Dane, The Great Dane (hey, don't blame me, I didn't name him!)

He is 8 weeks old and weighs 15.6 pounds!

I love this picture and it has not been edited!  However, donations for a better camera are very welcome!  HE HE!

Kayla : )

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  1. That dog is adorable! I would love a great dane but Jeff says no. Let me know if you get any good "baby weight loss" advice!


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