Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting some planning done

Saturday marked the start of the last week of the second trimester.  There has been a lot on my mind.  This week Caleb and I went shopping for a crib.  This is not something we wanted to jump into quickly because it is the only piece of furniture we are having to buy for the nursery.  We looked at about 7 different cribs at two different stores (not to mention all the ones I've looked at online for months).  I got really emotional looking at the cribs "for real" this time.  Just picturing Emmalyn in the crib and the fact that she will be there so soon made it so realistic and exciting!  Anyway, the picture below is the crib we decided on that will eventually be used as a toddler bed and finally a full size bed.

Next, my mom called to find out what color of Vera Bradley diaper bag I wanted.  See, my mom owns a salon and is a cosmetologist (for those of you that didn't know).  As a perk of her job she knows a lot of different people and one of her repeat customers is one of Vera Bradley's grandsons and his family.  Therefore, my mom gets a discount and we get awesome Vera Bradley presents.  From the first day I told my mom about the pregnancy she has been excited to finally order a diaper bag and here is the one I've chosen.  Not so much pink and perfect for the summer weather!

So now that those are taken care of (not that a diaper bag took too much brain power), I've been thinking about Emmalyn's birth.  Now I know that I can't plan everything and will need to be on my toes, even though I'm not expecting a rapid labor, but there are a few things I'm getting ready and thinking about now for the day of her birth.  

There have been so many deliveries that I've been it due to work where there are so many distractions going on, such as family who don't want to leave and even stupid shows like Sponge Bob Square Pants showing on the television.  Seriously?  I don't know about you, but Sponge Bob is not exactly the first sounds I want my child hearing - despite the fact that she won't remember it or even understand, but I'd like the delivery to be as calm as possible.  

My plan is to have a lamp or a little better lighting in the room and a cd of some low key songs that seem to calm me.  I also just want Caleb and I in the room (other than the doctor, L&D and nursery nurse) even after the birth until the three of us get acquainted and Emmalyn get her first few drops of colostrum :)  We will see if Emmi will allow any of this to take place, because, let's face it, it's all about her at that point!

So, for any of you experienced mommas out there, if you have any delivery advice, please pass it on!!!

Kayla : )

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  1. Jeff surprised me a couple of weeks ago with a Vera Bradley diaper bag. I love it! I had been looking and looking and couldn't find one I liked and he picked the perfect one! :) I love the crib by the way!! Too cute!!


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