Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Very Random Blog Post

I'm going to warn you.  This is will be a long post.  The first picture is of a painting done by my dear and talented friend Emily especially for Emmalyn's nursery.  She did 3 others that look the same but with varying colors and I'm so in love with them!  They will be put above her changing table arranged 2x2.

This next picture is just for fun.  Caleb and I laugh so much at Bumper and this is what has us scratching our heads lately.  He sleeps in our bedroom on his own bed by the window a makes sure that his head is under the curtain, like so.  Don't ask me why but seeing him get into position is priceless!

Now, comes the St. Patrick's Day update.  I just learned that Enterprise, AL is the home of the world's smallest St. Patrick's Day parade so a group of girls and I got together to experience it this year.  WOW! Here she is...The parade!

This lady walked one block and back with this flag stopping a few times for some photos and to chat with people.  Funny, but not exactly riveting entertainment.  I think Ethan was wondering what we were all doing in the rain!  Little man was not impressed.

But I still managed to keep the spirit of the Irish and made some cookies which Caleb loved!

Next we have a picture of the army folk involved in the young couples Bible study at the church we are attending.  We have grown to love these couples and are hoping we don't get kicked out once we become parents.  Every Sunday evening we get together with food, prayer, laughter, and of course the funniest Bible study I've experienced yet - Laugh Your Way Through Marriage.  It talks about the difference between men and women and how once we notice the differences, we can better love each other.  I would definitely recommend that every woman understand what a man's "nothing box" is!

And here we are being crazy...

Well folks this will be it for a few days.  I'll be spending some qt with my family and friends in SC.  Sorry this post was so random but I hope you got a kick out of the pictures.

Kayla : )

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