Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dixie Lou

I'm going to tell you a little story.  The story of my little sweet Dixie.

After my great-grandmother passed away in December 2005 I stayed in her house by myself for about a year and half.  It was the best thing!  I loved living by myself (it really helped me prepare for military life), I loved learning so much about myself.  But, there was a little something missing.  I wanted a pet to come home to and keep me company while I watched TV and kept my feet warm when I slept.  So, one Saturday my brother and I set out on a mission to find the perfect dog.  We went all over town and almost gave up until we walked into Pets Inc.

There were tons of different dogs and cats there, even puppies.  In one cage there were about 10 little rambunctious puppies yapping at us, and in one corner I saw a medium sized black and white dog who appeared to be extremely scared of all the horrid noises. My brother picked her up and we sat down with her where she definitely sold herself by licking and cuddling with us.

I immediately called my parents and Caleb to come help me make the decision of whether I should get her or not and we all decided she was great.

When I purchased her I knew she was 11 months old and had been the pet of an older woman who kept her outside during the day and would have to search for her daily because she kept digging holes in the backyard and running away.  Her name then was also Blinky - AHHHHHHH!

Since getting Dixie in March 2006, we have found out that her digestive system can only handle beneful and she has a blood clotting issue so I'm very careful with her .  But she and I have also grown to know each other very well.  She is a lot like me.  She does not like for people to be upset with her and she definitely knows when I'm upset because she cuddles beside me with love in her eyes and puts her paw on my just like my mom or a friend would put a hand on me in support.  One time when I was being emotional and Caleb had no clue how to make me feel better he just put Dixie beside me because he knew just petting her would make me feel better.

Now, you may not care about how much I love this furry pup, or maybe you have the same feelings about your own pet, but I'm so thankful for my Dixie and can't wait to see her with Emmalyn.

Kayla : )

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