Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Love it or Shove It

*Spring weather!!!!

* Coming home from work to my husband who has done laundry, dishes, tidied up and greets me with the smile and a kiss

* Feeling the "mom I'm here" kicks from my daughter!

* Getting paid to do what I love - Photography and nursing

* Getting a maxi dress half off because it had a spot on it that will be a piece of cake to remove!

* Tea time with the army wives on Wednesdays

* Mod Podge

* The future - so unpredictable, but so good!

*Pasty white skin... I need a tan pronto!

* Snoring dogs!!!!

* Picking out a crib - so much to choose from

* Acid reflux

*Being so far from home when my brother decides to be accident prone and cut his hand that lands him in the ER... AGAIN

* Running errands - I ALWAYS forget something!

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