Monday, March 22, 2010

SC trip

This past week I took a short trip to South Carolina and got a lot accomplished!  I got to spend time with my family, my friends, got a pedicure, and took some pictures.  It was a great trip!  As you probably guessed, I have some pictures from the trip.

I got in town on Thursday and took a little while to rest after the 7 hour trip.  Getting to cuddle with the dogs, Max and Sadie, was really nice.  Then my brother came home from school and I got to catch up a bit with him before meeting my mom downtown for a jewelry party that we were invited to by her friend Katie.  

On Friday, I slept in with the dogs.  It was blissful!  Then I met up with my KB at the nail salon and we both got pedicures which were very needed!  It was great to catch up with her since becoming a Mrs!  
After the pedicure I met Amanda at her NEW house, which I am in LOVE with!  She and her husband Matt just moved in a couple of weeks ago and it is already looking amazing!  We met up for me to get a few pictures of her, but her cat, Hazel, decided she needed to be the queen of the camera instead.  She followed us into every room and tried her best to be seen in every picture.  So, I let her have a minute to shine.  

After the photoshoot, Amanda, Clory, Amanda's twin sister and fellow prego, April, and myself (did ya get all that? : ) ventured to Fusion Bowl for some yummy dinner.  I had never been there, but it was good!  Then we went to get some ice cream from Rushe's which was great because we don't have one in Alabama and I wanted to get a hot fudge cake at some point during my trip!!

The next day we spent with my mom shopping!!!  And boy did we do some!  It was fun and relaxing at the same time to be out with my mom and talking about life when Emmalyn makes her debut!

Later, my brother and I met up with Caleb's parents and brother, Joel, for dinner at Chili's.  Only the best!!!  We talked and laughed and made fun of my brother and Joel hit on the waitress!  The photo below was taken by my brother!!!  Not too shabby!

My sweet mother-in-law had a present for Emmalyn when we got there.  She is in the process of making all of the bedding for Emmalyn's room!  She knew I liked elephants and I think this is the only grandchild (out of the 5 so far - 6 and 7 will here this year) that she has known the name beforehand.  Lucky for Emmalyn she already has a personalized stuffed "lovey."  I love it so much!!!

So, that was my whirlwind trip to South Carolina.  I'll be back in May for Emmalyn's baby shower that KB and Ashley (2 of my best friends) are throwing.  I'm so excited!!!  I'll post the invitations later!

My trip back home on Sunday was not bad at all.  Now I'm home relaxing with my own dogs and my hubby.  
Here is what I come home to...

Kayla : )

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  1. umm where'd you get Emmalyn's cute picture frame? and i love the elephant painting. stephen and i are putting three elephant wall "things" in ansley's room!-april


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