Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pregnancy Is Weird!

Since being pregnant myself I have learned a lot about the whole procedure and once thing I've learned is how many symptoms you can experience throughout the 9 month period.

Here are some "different" symptoms that I've experienced since being prego.

* Nose bleeds - because of the increase in blood (about 40% by the end of the end) the little blood vessels have a little harder time keeping up.

* Hand numbness - I've read that this is due to the increase in blood flow putting pressure on the median nerve which is responsible for providing sensation to most of the hand.

* Loss of grip - this occurs also because of the increase in blood.  Have you ever heard of "pregnancy clumsiness"?  Well, it really does happen!  Caleb thinks its funny every time I break a glass just because I can't hold on to it.

* Tailbone soreness - This has been pretty bad lately.  I can't sit in any one spot for a long time without cringing when getting up and people look at you pretty strangely.  Some say this is known as sciatica, but I talked to my doctor about it and he told me that some women seem to stretch in different places, some in their hips, some feel it in there pubic bones, and yet others have sore tailbones.  He said there's nothing I can do to make it go away but he did mention (jokingly) that I could carry a donut pillow around with me : )

* Pregnancy-induced brain fog- I've heard many women talk about his before but never quite understood... until now.  I have definitely had and increase in "what was I doing again?" or "what did I do with that?"  moments especially in the past few weeks.  As far as the cause, I have noticed that if I strange symptom has no real cause, they just blame it one hormones.  Practically everything that I've read states that hormones are the cause for most everything during pregnancy.  I'm not so sure I buy that.  However, this particular symptom is still being tested and there is no medically known cause.

Along with these symptoms I've also experience the usual increased urination, various ligament pains, nipple soreness (maybe TMI?), nausea/vomiting (still in week 23!), and exhaustion.

Hope this was a little enlightening!

Kayla : )

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