Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love It or Shove It

Haven't done one of these is a while!

* My dogs.  I got a text from Caleb about an hour after I had left for work one night saying that Bumper was still lying at the door staring at it and had been since I left.  He really does love me!!!

 *Make up - Since I work nights and don't really wear it if I don't have anything important to do, so it makes me feel good when I do put it on.  It isn't a chore like it felt when I was in school or worked in an office.  I finally bought some new make up to help with my ever changing skin, and I love playing around with it.

* House hunting.  Caleb and I are planning on moving at the beginning of April to a smaller, less expensive, and more "home" feeling house.  Since he is busy with school and studying about 15 hours a day, I'm in charge of finding places worth looking into and it is a bit stressful.  This is the house that our first child will be brought home to and I want things to be settled with the house before Poco arrives.

* My coccyx.  I think I bruised it.  It hurts.

Tomorrow is our 20 week appointment with Dr. Pollard and I'm so excited to see Poco!
Kayla : )

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