Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Little Lowes Adventure

So today I ventured to Lowes after I got off work to get a few things.  One, I went to get some wood cut in order to make some book ends for Emmalyn's room.  I'm going to paint the edges and then mod podge them to make them girly and personal.  I'm excited to see how I they turn out.  I also went to pick the brains of the Lowes employees about a canopy to go above the crib.  I have a set up in mind that I can see perfectly.  I want a half circle canopy that connects to the wall but didn't want to pay a fortune for it.

Something like these.    

I have the fabric picked out and now just need to get the hardware together... Only problem is that you can't find hardware for this certain style of canopy as abundantly as the circle mosquito net canopies (which, in my opinion, look a little cheap and easily destructible once the child grows).  

Anyway, I asked an associate to help me figure out how to build this and before I knew it there were 5 other associates brainstorming the issue.  Finally they introduced me to an older employee who had numerous ideas and after about 40 minutes of following him around Lowes, we came up with a solution.   Its cheap and easy to install!  

So after gathering all the needed materials for the canopy and book ends, I headed to the check out counter where the old man told the cashier to put it all on his card!  Yes, you read that correctly, he paid for my purchase!  He told me he was a grandfather and remember what it was like for his daughter when she was expecting her first child and being here without family, he wanted to do something for me.  

Now, I know you're probably thinking that this was a strange man and I should be careful, but he really didn't come across like that.  I took it as a sweet grandfather just doing something good.  Although my bill was only about $12 it really meant the world to me!  

I know I usually don't write this much, but I thought I would share the kindness of a stranger to all of you.  I'll be posting more about our move this weekend and my mod podge adventures soon!

Kayla : )


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