Sunday, February 14, 2010

22 weeks!!!!

How far along?   22 weeks and 1 day
Total weight gain/loss:  gained 12 pounds
Maternity clothes?  YES!
Stretch marks?   None so far - Palmer's Cocoa Butter and I have a date every morning and night!
Sleep:  Very good! However, my husband is not.  He made me wear some nose strips to bed, but they still didn't help any, so I randomly feel myself being punched in the middle of the night.  Poor Caleb!
Best moment this week:  Well, this didn't exactly happen this week, but I still can't stop smiling every time I  see Poco's picture from our last doctor's visit.  Now that I feel so much movement, I can only wonder what acrobatic positions are being conducted in my belly
Movement:   A ton of movement!   Poco will occasionally let dad in on the fun too!
Cravings:  Pretty much anything, but I do back and forth on whether I like ground beef or not, and of course the days that it makes me gag, Caleb HAS to have mexican dip (with ground beef)!  I'm kind of sad that I haven't experience any crazy cravings like ice cream and pickles.
Gender:   It's a secret... for now
Labor Signs:  None
Belly Button in or out?  In
What I miss:  Doing things for myself.  During the last doctor's visit they found that, as of now, I have placenta previa (my placenta is lying over my cervix).  Dr. Pollard told me to just be careful, not over exert myself and hopefully the placenta will move out of Poco's way.  However, since telling my husband this, he thinks that even bringing groceries in is too much for me to do...Gotta love him!
What I am looking forward to:   Seeing the nursery come together.  I finally picked out and purchased most of the fabric for the bedding, now I just have to pass the buck to Lynda so she can actually get started on it.  We are moving in just a few weeks to a new home (YAY!) and I can finally start putting thins in place.  I have a bunch of projects that I've started for Poco's room!
Weekly Wisdom: Trying to enjoy the time I have with my husband sans newborn.  He doesn't get much time to just be without thinking about flying so every minute we get to just be Caleb and Kayla we savor it!
Milestones: I'm figuring out Poco's in utero schedule.  I know at this point the fetus sleeps around 12-14 hours a day but when awake, Poco definitely lets us know!

Kayla : )

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