Monday, February 1, 2010

20 down - 20 to go!

Ok...don't freak out!  Some fellow flight schoolers of ours had an 80's themed party and I decided to go all out!  The whole outfit is from the clearance racks at Rue 21, I even got Caleb an 80's outfit from there too, although he was not as excited about getting out as I was : )  And it is very obvious that Poco has a lot of people in Alabama that are excited for his/her debut!

And here is the weekly survey!

How far along?   20 weeks and 2 days
Total weight gain/loss:  next appointment is Thursday - I had a dream the other day that I gained 20lbs since my last visit...Let's hope that's not the case!
Maternity clothes?  YES!
Stretch marks?   None so far (fingers crossed)
Sleep:  Apparently I sleep well, but my recent snoring keeps Caleb awake!!!
Best moment this week:  Every time I  feel the baby move!
Movement:   A ton of movement!  Both Caleb and I are known by are families as wiggle worms and I don't think Poco will be any different.
Cravings:  MEXICAN!  But, pretty much anything!
Gender:   ????????
Labor Signs:  None
Belly Button in or out?  In
What I miss:   Being able to bend over normally - I gets harder when there is a bowl of fat in your center.
What I am looking forward to:   Getting pictures of the baby on Thursday!
Weekly Wisdom:  I've realized that I have to eat lots of small meals.  If I eat a large one I end up with indigestion.
Milestones: making it halfway!

Here is a picture of the rocker we got for the nursery.  I slipcover is still wrinkled, but we wanted to see how it looked anyway.  Caleb put it all together (ok...I helped with the ottoman) and did a great job.  Then I got to try it out and it is prefect!  There is plenty of room in it for me and the baby and I can still touch the floor with my feet when I'm sitting all the way back in it.  

Kayla : )

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