Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding - Number 2 : )

This past week was jam packed with primping, friends, dancing, and laughs!  One of my best friends got married to a great guy and my family and other best friend came to experience the day with me.  It was a great and exhausting week.

Take a look at the stunning bride!

And even though Caleb couldn't be there with me,  I had this little guy to keep me company.  He also gave me a little love mark : )  Owen was getting tired the night before the wedding so a was carrying him and thought he fell asleep on my shoulder but instead, he had been sucking on it.  I was left with 2 little Owen hickies.  Caleb is still a bit suspicious : )

The day itself was awesome!  I got to catch up with KatieBeth's family including her awesome sister (and Owen's Mommy,  Linds).  Here is Lindsey doing to her makeup while KB got hers done at the salon.  Oh, and I'm the awesome stylist that did her wedding hair - you may applause now ; )

The day did get long, so in order to give my feet a break I pulled these babies out!

My friend and photography mentor, Sara Parker, and her husband, Wes, were the photographers for the wedding.  I'm excited to see what moments they captured from KB and Rob's big day!  I'll post a link when she gets them up.

So now the happy couple are in the Dominican Republic having the time of their lives and I'm now back in Alabama recovering with my very own love of my life!

Kayla : )

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