Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Obsessed!

The more and more that I feel Poco moving around inside me, I get more and more excited!  I've been looking into nurseries a lot lately and here are some cute ideas I've gotten and would like to do for the nursery at some point.

These stuffed elephants are SO cute, but at 50 bucks a pop, not very practical.

This is the fabric I've chosen for the bedding.  Its called Spring Green Cartwheel.  Caleb's mom offered to make the bedding.  It will be such a special gift from grandma to Poco.  I'm really excited to get it in the mail.  I ordered 8 yards so I'll be sure to have enough for all the bedding and hopefully an extra pillow.  Now I just have to find other fabrics to compliment this one.

...And with the complimentary fabrics, I would like to make a hamper like this one.  Ok, so I'll get Caleb to make the frame and I can make the bag.

I'm also loving the canopies above the cribs.  I feel like it adds a bit of elegance to the room but still looks very cozy because it is fabric.  Not only should Poco like the room, but I think mom and dad should feel comfortable in there as well : )

And in between the canopy I'm thinking of making a monogram board.  Something I'll be able to take with us when we move.  I really love this one that I found from etsy...granted it will be personalized for Poco.

So, it looks like I've got my work cut out for me, so if you know someone who sews let me know.  My poor mother in law can't be expected to do it all :)  even though I know she would.

Kayla : )

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