Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week was full of family, travel, phone calls from Iraq, and decorating for Christmas!  

Emmy seemed to enjoy the two Thanksgiving dinners we had...

She loves pumpkin pie!

After eating all the yummy food that grandmama made, she got pretty tired.

After the holiday, Crissy, Emmy, and I ventured out to find a Christmas tree.  It was really cool out, so I had to bundle Emmy up. 

Once we found the perfect tree and it was being tied to the car, I let Emmy run around a bit.  She thought it was so fun dodging between trees to try to run away from me!

Then we took it home, got some grub, took a bath, and started decorating.  

Emmy did a pretty good job of putting the ornaments all in the same spot on the tree and she loved helping!

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