Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Emmalyn and I have been two busy girls lately!  I guess while daddy is gone, busy is the best way to be though!  We had a great Thanksgiving with both my parents and then later on Thanksgiving with Caleb's family.  Emmy is now eating with forks and spoons by herself and loves it!  Here she is eating pumpkin pie and chocolate pudding.  I think that smile says it all!

On Friday we had a birthday party for the youngest in our family (on the Wilkes side), Abby.  We did things a little different and made cake pops for the occasion to have after lunch.  They we a hit!!!  Please don't judge the horrible icing job!

Yep... They were yummy!

Abby's official birthday is December 2, but her family will be moving to NC on that day so we decided to do the party early.  

On Saturday we played around outside at Ama and Bop's house (Caleb's parents).  They have a HUGE yard with a pond and their neighbors have a lot of exotic yet tame animals so it is perfect for kids!  While the men were seeing the animals, the girls went for a walk.

I started taking photos, and Anna got interested in the Camera.  She started hamming it up with the poses and I even let her take a few shots.

Image capture by Anna Karis Wilkes!

Total ham - so cute!

Then Anna asked me to take some photos of her swinging.  She made all kind of faces at the camera, but I liked this one the best.  This face is so Anna.  She is playful and doesn't get sad often.  She is very lively and adventurous.  I felt like this face expressed that - and love the fact that her mom and little sis are in the background waiting to push her higher!

And I had to add this photo of Emmy.  Taken on auto ( just as a snapshot), but I love her smile!  She looks so much like her daddy here.  Makes me happy and miss him more, all at the same time!

Yes, life is busy but grand indeed.  

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  1. emmy is eating with a fork and spoon now?! i may or may not have teared up over this. she is growing up WAY too fast!


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