Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Four Ls

Emmalyn and I spent much of last week with Caleb's sister and her family.  They currently live in Tennessee, about nine hours away from us.  The trip there and back took about twelve hours.  We made many rest stops so Emmy could stretch her legs.  Some friends of ours also let me borrow their DVD player so Emmy would be entertained during the trip (it was a so great to have!).

I haven't been to Sara and Keath's since Lynsey was born seven years ago.  Caleb and I weren't even engaged!  A lot has changed in just seven years! 

Sara and Keath have four daughters.  Yes... FOUR!  

Emmy got to spend time with each of them, and I got to know my nieces better.  It was a wonderful four days!

Lynsey is the oldest.  She is incredibly smart and so sweet!  She's most like her mother.  She was very in tune to Emmalyn's wants and needs while we were there and helped me so much!  She loves horses, drawing, reading, and my favorite, photography!

Laurel is five.  She is a free spirit and was my little model for the visit.  She loves girly things like makeup, hair accessories, and getting her picture taken.  She reminds me a lot of myself when I was little

Liya is a hoot!  She speaks her mind and loves being the center of attention.  She gets all dolled up, but then runs outside to climb trees!

I've loved watching these three grow up!

Then, came a sweet surprise... Lidia!  
Lidia is quiet and tolerant.  She observes she sisters closely and seems to just enjoying being the baby of the family at the moment.

On our last night, the girls decided we should have a makeover party!  So, I bought them some E.L.F makeup and we had a great time making each other over. 

After our makeovers we cuddled up to watch Despicable Me.  I promptly fell asleep on the couch as every one else watched the movie.  Five girls is tiring!

I'm so happy to have had this time and the memories with my sister in law and nieces.  

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