Sunday, November 20, 2011

Not a simple Saturday

This weekend was jam packed!!!  I've known for a while that Caleb's unit was being honored at the Carolina/Citadel game so I started looking for tickets.  A sweet college friend gave me two of her seats for FREE!  You can't get any better than that!  So on Saturday, Crissy, her dad, Kim and I headed to Williams Brice!!!

A fellow army (almost) wife, Staci and her family have an awesome set up for tailgating.  They invited us to join them and even gave us a free rock star parking spot.  All the food was amazing!  I didn't get a photo of the spread though (because I was too busy eating it!!!)

We decided some photos of all of us was definitely needed. 

If you notice in the photos below, we are all wearing yellow ribbon pins.  Crissy made them for all the army wives so we could show our patriotic pride for all soldiers (but mostly for the one that put a ring on our finger : )

Crissy did such a great job on them.  The photo of the apache is actually one from our husbands' unit!!!

Some of the 1-151st wives

More wives

Two of my favorites!!!

To start the game off, the 1-151st ARB's commander (Col. Davis) introduced himself and the soldiers before they started the "GAME     COCKS" chant.

Then the Gamecocks whooped up on some Citadel boys.

The halftime show was packed with patriotic songs, balloons, American flags, men/women in uniform and even an F-16 fly by!!

After the game, Crissy, Kim, and I ate some mexican and shopped a little.  

Then my time playing hookie from being a mom was up, so we headed to pick Emmy up from my parents' house.  

Apparently while she was with my parents and brother she got brave enough to go down the neighbor's slide by herself and she was pretty proud of herself for doing it!  I must get this on video for Caleb to see but it was too dark to get one at this time.  

At the end of a good day, coming home to this smile and a big "I missed you mommy" hug is priceless!

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  1. So fun! I never realized you and Kim were wives in the same unit. How awesome to have your husbands honored- so glad you got to be there!


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