Tuesday, December 13, 2011

18 months/1 1/2 years/closer to 2 than 1 year old!!

I now have an 18 month old.  That's crazy!!!  These days she is so fun!  I'm praying every day that Caleb's unit will be granted leave to come home for a couple of weeks so he can see first hand how amazing she is!!!

Emmalyn's 18 month Stats

Weight - 19lb (Not on the charts!)

Height - 30 3/4in (9th percentile)

Head - 18in (3rd percentile)

Size of clothes - 12 months

Eye color - very brown

Sleep - 8-10 hours a night

Food - Emmy likes lots of things, but we have been ordered to continue to push calories even more!  Some days are better than others.  I find it hard to increase her calories without sacrificing certain food groups like fruits and veggies.  I do have a few recipes to try in the coming week, so only time will tell if it will help.  
Some foods she's loving lately:
peanut butter
sweet tea
mac & cheese
ground burger
muffins (chocolate chip)
grilled cheese

Milestones - We are currently working on potty training.  I have to put her on it, but know if she needs to pee pee or not because she will stay on it or will walk up to it herself and open the top.  Once she is done she gets off and points to make sure I see that she pee peed or pooed in it.  So cute - I know that might sound weird.  My goal is to have to potty trained by the time Caleb comes home, but I'm not pressing the issue.  I'm proud of how much she does now!
She can point to every part of her body and will wash it if I tell her a specific part.  

Current words:
Bop (what we call Caleb's dad)
uh oh
thank you
Bubba (Uncle Bubby aka Justin)
She makes owl, cat, dog, cow, lion and bird noises

Favorite activities - 
 *climbing all over Huey (Crissy's chocolate lab)
 *chasing the dogs - she thinks it is the funniest thing when they run away from her
 *brushing my hair - she'll do it for about 20 minutes and is very particular about it!
 *bringing books to you and climbing in your lap to read them - she is getting more and more patient and now will sit while I read an entire story without rushing me
 *reorganizing the bottom cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen - Crissy and I often find things in them that don't belong there, like our shoes and her toys
 *running from me every time she needs her clothes changed
 *helping in the kitchen aka making a mess
 *helping me put the groceries on the conveyor belt at the checkout and then put them in the trunk of the car - such a big helper!!!
 *calling the dogs to come inside after being out for a while
 *looking at photos - both grandparents have photo books that she will bring to you and sit with you while you go through each photo.  She often brings me a certain photo of her and Caleb and one of Caleb and me from our wedding day to look at.  I've also caught her staring at it alone a couple of times and it makes my heart happy.  I really wonder what she thinks when she sees photos of Caleb - I'm not sure if she understands how to "miss" someone yet, but I'd like to think she does miss him.  
*She mimics everything anyone does!  The other day we were coloring and I was lying on the floor on my stomach.  Once she noticed, she proceeded to get on her belly and color right beside me in the same position.  Precious!
*She also likes to run and squeal at the same time.  Such a girl, but it is so cute!

These are the most recent photos I have of Emmalyn.  I've been rather slack with taking photos of her lately because I've been taking so many Christmas cards pics of other families, but will get to it as soon as I have some time.  


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