Thursday, December 8, 2011

I love this kid!!!

Note: This post has no real purpose other than to share some snapshots of Emmy that were taken one morning after her bath.  Enjoy!

Before: I get upset when my hair is a hot mess too, Emmy!

After:  And a little oral hygiene

Emmy decided that clothes were overrated after her bath this particular morning so she started cleaning with me - half naked.

She is such a big helper!  I mean dusting is fun right?!

After cleaning she decided it was a good time to put on some make up

Then I finally put some clothes on her and headed downstairs for a mid morning snack - a chocolate covered granola bar.  

Within the ten minutes it took her to eat it, she grew a chocolate beard!

So bath #2 and a new outfit was warranted.

The life of a toddler is awesome!

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