Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'll Be Home For Christmas, If Only In My Dreams

This Christmas will be the first in ten years that  I will be without my better half.  Although it does sadden me to not have him here for such an important day, the past nine months (and the next four) have made our marriage so much stronger.  I think of how many marriages wouldn't make it this long being so separated.  

Anyway, with the almost 4000 mile distance between us giving presents to each other this year was a bit of a challenge.  

Caleb asked me numerous times what I wanted and I really couldn't come up with anything because all I really want is him home safely, but the thought of something special anyway.

After Caleb got home from basic training in 2008 I had a trip planned for us to go to the Biltmore for a weekend.  After not speaking for eleven weeks we really needed a trip together.  We got there on December 27th so all the Christmas decorations were still up.  It was the perfect weekend.  We toured the house, the grounds, went to a wine tasting, and ate at a few of the restaurants that are on the grounds.  

This is a photo taken while we were at dinner one night.  

 After our wine tasting, we purchased a couple bottles of our favorites.  We savored those bottles of wine  aka they lasted a while!

So for Christmas this year, Caleb ordered more wine (3 bottles to be exact) from the Biltmore for me and our family.  So thoughtful!!!  He told me to take one to Christmas dinner, keep one for Crissy and myself, and save one for when he returns home.  

Have a I mentioned that I love this guy??!?!

My gift was a bit more challenging because Caleb doesn't have a lot of space to himself to keep things, nor does he have access to a lot of technology so I had to get creative.  

After much thought and some guts on my part, I finally decided on a gift.  

Don't laugh.

Boudoir photos.  

I mean, what would be better for a married man who is 4000 miles away from his wife?

Then I had to choose a photographer - These aren't exactly photos I could take myself.  

I chose Jawnie Holsker.  She is also an army wife so she was very understanding and made me feel very comfortable.  Not to mention she's a great photographer!  

I can't show most of the photos, for obvious reasons, but here are a couple that I could. 

I will say that Caleb was very pleased with his Christmas present this year!

While we're on the subject of Christmas, I wanted to share some horrible snapshots of what Christmas looks like around our place.  

Christmas card display

Gotta love chalkboards!

And the Christmas tree!  

Now, if I could just sit myself down long enough to wrap the rest of the presents!!!


  1. Your photos are beautiful, Kayla! I'm sure Caleb loved them all! -Tara

  2. I am loving the photo idea! I bet the rest are great! I have been meaning to take those for years, but never got around to it. That is so thoughtful that he bought you not just wine, but meaningful wine! He's a keeper for sure =)

  3. oh, and I got my high chair cover from this etsy shop


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