Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas fun

Christmas for us is still going.  We will have family in town all week but the fun started on Christmas Eve. 

Emmy is so blessed to have both sets of grandparents close to us.  We spent the better part of the day at Ama and Bop's house making Christmas cookies.  Emmy loved it!  Ama had a child size apron just for Emmy and let her stir the batter for the sugar cookies and taste them!

That night we went to Ama and Bop's Christma Eve church service.  Emmy had not napped all day long and ended up walking into the church like this:

She tried so hard to be good, but the more tired she gets, the faster she goes even in church.  The service was great and Emmy really liked when we lit all the candles.  

After the church service Emmy and I headed to my parents' to spend the night and Christmas day.  Justin went with me to pick up Emmy's kitchen which was boxed and had to be completely assembled.  You know the uncle has to take over daddy responsibilities when daddy isn't around!!!

My brother was such a big help this Christmas.  We stayed up until 2am putting the kitchen together while laughing about Christmases past and watching The Santa Claus.  Good times!!!

I woke up around 8am on Christmas morning.  Once I woke up and realized what day it really was, I got the same feeling of excitement in my stomach that I did as a child on Christmas morning.  I was so excited to see Emmy's reaction to her kitchen I could barely stand it, so I not very quietly walked in the room Emmy was sleeping in and she woke up!

When we walked into the living room she looked a bit confused on why we were all so excited and crowded around a play kitchen that was clearly not there the night before.  So, I sat her down in front of it and started showing her all the bells and whistles on it.  She eventually got over the fact that it was all a little strange and started playing with it herself.  Then there was no stopping her!

Here she is talking on the phone while cooking.  She may have seen this done before : )

In addition to the kitchen and a ton of other amazing toys, she got a motorized Disney princess four-wheeler.  She will need some more practice with the steering!

After exchanging presents we ate an amazing dinner cooked by mom and dad and spent the rest of the day lounging around and having fun watching Emmy play with toy after toy!!!!  And this wasn't the end of our Christmas fun!!!  

The next day we went to The Wilkes's house to celebrate Jesus's Birthday!  We exchanged presents, ate a ton of junk food, made forts with all the cousins, cuddled, and enjoyed the crisp outdoor air. 

This is the first thing Emmy and Anna did when they saw each other!  

After watching some tv and cuddling with Anna, Emmy thought it was time to beg Uncle Jo Jo for a snack.

Every year, before we open presents, we read part of the Christmas story and the past two years the kids have been getting involved by acting out the verses.  This year, Micah was a shepherd.

Then it was time to open the gifts!!!  Our family got Micah a telescope (he is really fascinated about space).  He loved it!!!

Ama got all the kids a huge box of books and Great Ama got them all Christmas blankets.  Once Emmy opened both of those, she took them to a corner and cuddled up to read.  It was so darling!

Our Christmas fun isn't over yet!  The Wilkes family will be in town for a few more days so there is more fun to be had!!!!

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