Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tonight Emmalyn and I joined a few of our friends at the Enterprise Christmas Parade.  I was so fun to experience it with Emmalyn.  She started out so happy, but it was pretty cold and close to bedtime so by the end of the parade she was cuddled up in my lap with a blanket - which is why I have no pictures of the event.  Caleb was at home studying.  Even though he was being a good student, he missed out on our Christmas fun!

After the parade, our friends Stephanie and Jeremy fed all of us chili at their very beautiful and cozy new home.  

As usual, Emmy stole the show.  

Here, she was cuddling with Sarah and Brandon was trying to see if there was anyway her hat would stand up on its own.

Since she was looking cute and interested in the Christmas balls I decided to snap some shots of her in front of the tree.  

Cute, except the huge pacifier eyesore!  

However, if we tried taking it out this is what happened...

I guess I should rethink the photo shoots around bedtime.

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  1. LOVE the new blog design....and Emmy's outfit. Adorable!


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