Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Christmas vacation is finally over and we are very glad to be back home - that is for three weeks until we move...Again.

Our trip started with us staying with Caleb's parents.  His entire immediate family was there.  We had so much fun!  In the Wilkes family at the moment, there are eight grandkids - five walking and the three youngest were all born in 2010.

On Wednesday, December 22, we did a lot of playing outside with Emmalyn's cousins, Micah and Anna.

Emmalyn got to swing for the first time!

Then we took a break with Anna to love on Emmy's newest cousin, Abby.

After some naps and Chick-fil-A for dinner, we ventured to Riverbanks Zoo too look at Christmas lights. 

Emmalyn really loved it!  She and I even rode the carousel together!  She was a little confused at first, but then couldn't stop smiling.

After about an hour, she got a little over stimulated and fell asleep on Caleb.

The next night we took the trip to Lexington to attend Katie Beth's tacky Christmas sweater party.  She worked so hard on the food and boy was it good!  I got to visit with some co workers from the NICU!  

On Christmas eve we were back at the Wilkes's place where the Butt family joined in the fun!  Sara, Keath, and their four adorable girls are so much fun to be around.  They are all so different and beautiful!  We decided to have the Wilkes Family Christmas on Christmas Eve because Caleb's mom had to work Christmas night (oh the work of a nurse!).  

Before we settled for dinner and the present extravaganza, we wanted to get some family pictures because this was the first time in a long time and probably the only time in the next couple of years taht everyone would have been together.   
 This is what my camera captured as I was getting my settings set.

And here is the family photo after I set the self timer and ran like crazy to my spot.

Then the grandmas got a picture with all of the kids.

Then it was individual families.

The Butts

Sara and Lidia...So beautiful!

The Wilkes (Dan's clan)

Ama and Bop with all of their grandkids!

Then it was time to pounce on Unlce Jo Jo

Oh, he loves it!  I just love Liya's very cheesy face!

By this time, the kids were tired of pictures.  So, when we tried to get our family photo, Emmalyn was NOT having it!  

Aunt Sara graciously got another photo of our family in the snow on the 26th (more on that later).

The brothers decided that they wanted a pic together.  So, here is the outcome of that shoot.

(insert eye roll)

After a fantastic dinner cooked all by my awesome MIL, Lynda, we gathered around to reenact the Christmas story and open presents.  Emmalyn racked up!  And she was so good with all the chaos going on - I know it helps that she has some great cousins that show their love for her all the time!

Next post will be Christmas Day and a white (day after) Christmas!

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  1. she looks a little skeptical about that swing action. the paci shot!


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