Monday, December 20, 2010

A little post before all of the Christmas festivities take place and I'm too busy to do anything but enjoy good food and have fun with family.

This year, our house didn't leave much room for Christmas decor so I had to improvise.  We have gotten so many Christmas cards this year (I love it!) so here is what I've done with the flat ones.  And this isn't even half of them.

On Saturday night, some friends got together at the Skelly's for dinner and games.  We tried something different this time and went for charades.  Boys again girls - that's how it is most of the time when we play games at their place.  I will say that the guys beat us.  But they gave us some hard topics like, Bill Clinton - how do you act that out?!

"first word"



"Baby it's cold outside"

Blake was not impressed!

And, eventually we went to catch phrase.  

On Sunday, we house sat for the Willey's while we watched the conclusion to Lost.  It was a long day to say the least!  I'm glad we finally finished the series, but we were left scratching our heads!

While watching, I also had to keep little miss occupied.

And, just some Christmas photos.


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