Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I may not have been blessed with a child that likes to sleep through the night (what can I say, she takes after her mother), but I really do love the quiet alone time that I get with Emmalyn when she wakes up.  It is such a sweet time between us that I know won't last long.   Its those moments that I want time to stand still.  No matter how tired I am, nursing that sweet child and kissing her dainty hands is something I prayed that I would be able to do at some point in my life and now I am.  How can I complain?  

Sadly, I do though.  Not having a full night of rest in six months takes it toll on you after a while.  It makes me grumpy and pessimistic and lazy.  But, I'm human and I'm flawed, so I'm reminded of how precious my life is in the middle of the night gazing into my daughter's eyes.  

And how could I not feel blessed when I have this to love? 

I'm so glad I love photography because it is the only way I can make time stand still.


  1. awww what a sweet pea! emmylyn will be a perfect fit for our girl's nights since we're all night owls! :)

  2. Don't hate me. I'm looking at these beautiful pictures of your child and all I can think about is Caleb taping that silly cord to the carpet behind her and you telling me about it all exasperated lol.


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