Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What is motherhood?

I've only been a mother for six months now, but I have realized that there is always something new to learn  and there are a lot of "hats" that moms wear.  So, in the past six months, this is what motherhood means to me.

Knowing the difference between each cry.

Noticing every new scratch, freckle, birthmark etc.

Knowing what mood is coming next just by a current facial expression.

Never having enough pictures of her.

Not being able to help crying the first time she goes to the nursery during church.

Checking on her numerous times before heading to bed. 

Not minding her stinky poop.

Melting each time I pick her up and she lays her head on my shoulder.

Cherishing the 4am feedings.  

Seeing her smile at me.

Having her reach for me when someone else is holding her and she is tired.

Knowing that she likes to sit by me while I put my makeup on so she can play in the bag.

Listening to her talk to herself when she wakes up in the mornings or when we are riding somewhere, and loving the sound.

Talking her through each recipe as I cook because she seems really interested :)

Stealing as many kissed from her head, cheeks, feet, hands, neck, and belly that I can get!

...That's motherhood.

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