Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The past few nights with Emmy have been horrible!!!  She got up about four to five times a night while we were with family for Thanksgiving, but I thought it was just because we were in a new place.  Once we got back home she did the same thing.  I realized that she's had a lot of gas lately, but didn't think anything of it until today when she was happy one minute and screaming in terror the next.... numerous times throughout the day.

My diagnosis for her is a pesky gas bubble!

Every time she woke up she acted as if she wanted to eat.  So I fed her.  I know that most babies go through a growth spurt around six months so I thought this was it, but my goodness she seemed like she was starving when she woke up!  But I figured her tummy was hurting (from the gas that is unpassable) and all she could think of to do was eat.

But tonight did me in.  I had Caleb run to the store for some mylicon while I bathed her.  The bath was soothing and then she ate, took the mylicon and we put her to bed.  She slept a good half hour before she woke up screaming in pain!  This was no"I think I'm hungry" cry either.

As Caleb walked around the house bouncing her while she screamed, all I could was cry knowing that my baby was hurting and all we could do was wait it out.

After an hour of doing this, she fell asleep.  And so did mom and dad.  Only to wake up every two hours with her screaming.  So ran in to comfort her.  She would lay her head on my shoulder and whimper randomly while hugging me.  I felt like the only person on earth who could comfort her and I loved it.

While we laid there cuddling I realized that she won't need me like this forever, so even though she's pretty whiny today and very needy, I'm savoring the moments.

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