Friday, November 12, 2010

Five Months Old!!

At five months old our little Emmy is keeping us very entertained.  She is getting a bit pudgy but still as happy as ever.  Its funny how Caleb and I know what's coming just from the noises she makes.  She has a "warning whine" which is simply a few small whimpers and then she'll look at you to see if you will react ad if you don't she pulls out the big guns!  She also moans repeatedly when she is sleepy.  And when she starts to play with her hair with her right hand you know she's getting tired.

Most of the time she takes only cat naps.  30-45 minutes.  Every once in a while she will take 1-1.5 hour nap, but I usually don't let you go any longer than that for fear that we'll both be up all night : )

On to her monthly survey.

Weight - 13lbs (<10th percentile)

Height - 23.5 inches (<10th percentile)

Size of clothes - 3-6 months and some 6-9 month shirts and 3 month pants

Eye color - They are looking more brown these days

Sleep - Most of the time she sleeps through the night.  There are a few nights when I have to go into her room to put the pacifier back in her mouth

Food - She is eating very well lately! She hasn't really NOT liked anything that we have given her.  However, we did let her suck on a lime once and she did NOT like it.  A friend of ours got a video of it so I hope I can get it from her.  It was pretty amusing.  She still nurses every 3 to 4 hours.  I love this time with her!  

Milestones -  She is rolling over so much!  She loves watching and petting the dogs.  She can sit up with minimal support (usually in the corner nook of the couch or with the boppy behind her).  She grabs things and tries to figure them out.

Favorite activities -  Reading when tired, petting the dogs, dancing with mom

Wisdom from mom and dad - We are a lot more in sync as parents now.  We are usually thinking the same thing and know her cues well.

I haven't taken her five month picture yet, but here are a few recent ones.

Our friend Brian graduated from flight school (woo hoo!)  Emmalyn loves Brian!  We tell him its just because he looks like her (they are both bald).  I do love how all the guys in our Bible study love on Emmalyn even though none of them are ready to be a dad.  I personally think they all will make great fathers.  And I feel blessed that my daughter is the one showing them how wonderful it can be!

Speaking of fathers.  This little girl has one very good one!  I mentioned to him a few weeks ago that if Emmalyn wears a dress I would like for her to wear bloomers so her diaper won't show.  He, of course, thought I was being ridiculous and gave the eyes to prove it!  But, when he had to get her ready to go to a friend's house while I was at work he put bloomers on her!  They may not have matched completely, but at least they were on.  We'll work on the matching thing.

And me with my sweet potato.  I think I see a resemblance, no?

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