Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Babies and New Friends

After getting home from my beach trip, Crissy and I decided to have a girls night on a whim.  We went to dinner and a movie with three other lovely, fun ladies!

These girls have been friends since high school!

Finally got a photo of Crissy and myself! 

This pretty lady and her bun that she is cooking always put a smile on my face!

And this professional golfer is hi. lar. i. ous!  I've known her since high school, but we were a year apart and never got to know each other... until now.  I'm loving this new friend!

After dinner at the always delicious, Copper River, we went to see Friends With Benefits.

Funny story:  As the five of us waited in line there was a group of nine high school girls in front of us.  We hoped they weren't going to see the movie that we were and overheard them buying tickets for Harry  Potter.  However, when we got into out theater we realized that the girls were under 17 and had snuck into Friends With Benefits (I'm pretty sure there were more than a few scenes that they did not need to be seeing). 
Before the movie started, one of the girls turned around to ask me if I knew when the movie ended.  Umm... No.  Apparently, they had a curfew and rushed out to meet their rides as soon as the closing credits started.  

Good. Laugh.

On Monday afternoon, Crissy and I headed to Spartanburg to visit with the new parents of Elijah Carter. Both his mom and dad went to high school with us.  They are the sweetest people to be around and their son is absolutely adorable!  

I took some newborn photos for them which didn't go as well as I had hoped because little man was HUN GRY!  

Emmy was very concerned with him at all times (when he was crying, when he was swinging, when he was eating - unless she was eating too  : )

After getting a few good photos of the family outside their apartment, we caught some of Eli and Emmy.


then I finally got my hands on the little guy instead of snapping photos, but Emmy was getting tired and needed her momma so I got both kiddos at once.

I just thought this next photo was so funny and shows how silly my child can be!  Boy do I love her!

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  1. I want to see that movie!

    haha emmy does look SO concerned in that first pic....too cute!

    and Erica was my resident sophomore year....crazy!

    miss you!


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