Sunday, August 21, 2011

The many faces of Abby

This weekend we are visiting one of my favorite families for their youngest daughter's baptism.  Abby is the youngest, eighth grandchild on Caleb side of the family.  I saw her last at around four months (too long ago).  She is full of personality now at eight months and actually watches me a lot (probably because her mother and I looking strikingly alike).  

During our trip Abby's first tooth decided to break through and she has taken very hard.  Lots of tears, which is not like this girl at all!  But it did allow us to spend some extra time with her tonight while the other three kids were fast asleep.  

Sucking on her cold wash cloth and smiling at the same time.

Feeling a little better...  after tylenol, mylicon, and a cold wash cloth to gnaw on.

She loves to stick her tongue out!

So precious!

Funniest Abby face... EVER!!!

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