Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Looking forward to: Fall tv

So, with no husband around to rag on, one has to find other things to be excited about.  My best friend, Ashley and I have a love for "our shows" and have been tv buddies since college.  Now, my roommate, Crissy, is the same way and its great!  The line up this fall looks pretty enticing so I wanted to share the shows that I'm looking forward to, to help pass the time away ya know?!

One of my guilty pleasures.  Don't know why, but I love this one! 

I started watching How I Met Your Mother as reruns late at night when I was up feeding Emmy.  Now that I get the story line, it is kind of interesting - but geez, could we meet the "mom" already?!?!?

I love Zooey Deschanel.  I first noticed her in Failure to Launch (with the bird that wouldn't let her sleep) and Elf (epic Christmas movie!) and now she has a new show!  Zooey once a week?  Yes please!

And the other new show I'm looking forward to is Up All Night.  First of all, the cast seems great and poking fun at the hardships of parenthood is always a blast!  

Of course there will be the usuals, like The Bachelor, Army Wives, and American Idol (all starting in the winter).

**Note: I was a nursing major.  Although I know how to speak english, writing is a different story and even though every one of my english teachers would cringe to read this, I still have no idea how to properly write movie/show and/or book titles.  Do you italicize or add quotes or underline?  Anyone want to enlighten me with an english lesson?


  1. I cannot WAIT to see Up All Night, it looks SO funny!!!

  2. that up all night looks funny - i haven't seen previews for that one!

    and 90210....heck yes!


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