Friday, February 18, 2011

A new love!

Valentine's Day has never been a big deal for my husband and I, but due to some near future circumstances this year is different.  On February 14 I woke up to my husband cooking homemade banana pancakes for us and a day of just family family planned.  It was so great.  But that wasn't all he had planned.  He told me that on Wednesday night we would be dropping Emmalyn off with my parents and having dinner together.

So, Wednesday came and we dropped Emmy off (with a very excited pair of grandparents : ) and went on our way.  I had no idea where we were going, but was very surprised to find out we were heading toward our very favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot.  After a wonderful fondue meal, I was given a beautiful pearl bracelet (which is Emmalyn's birthstone).  Needless to say I was so surprised and excited.

On the way to pick Emmalyn up, Caleb took a detour to a park that we have gone to countless times in our nine and a half years together.  He said we were going to go for a walk and reminisce.   As he got out of the car he told me to close my eyes and not to open them until he told me to.

When I was finally instructed to open them, I saw him holding a Canon 60D!

I have had my eye on this beauty for about six months and was in the process of saving up the money to get it and take my photography to the next level.  I was still a few weeks away from having enough funds to get it, but my hubby went ahead and got it anyway.

I feel a little more professional now!

As you could guess, I've been taking so many pictures lately (more than usual) and I'm in LOVE with the capabilities of this camera.  Plus, it captures my favorite beauty so well!

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