Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cousins & Kisses

This week we were very pleased to spend time with four of Emmalyn's cousins.  All of her cousins love to spend time with Emmy and are very concerned anytime she is upset.  I wasn't able to get too many pictures due to (1) Emmy being sick and needed lots of mommy hugs and (2) trying chase after four kids takes a lot!  But here's what I got!

Emmalyn was not feeling too great the first night so the very loving Liya came to comfort her with her favorite doll, Molly.

Such a sweetheart!  Liya is the fifth grandchild and Emmalyn is number six!

After Emmy caught some much needed Zzzzzzz's, we ventured outside to play on the awesome set that Caleb's dad planned and built for all the grandkids.

Emmalyn loves the swing.

And apparently so does Lynsey.

After having a much needed night at home to rest from the past week and a half.  Before heading to bed Caleb decided to snuggle with Emmalyn and I thought it was so heartwarming - so I had to get a picture!

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