Sunday, October 3, 2010

Photos Galore!

A lot has been going on lately.  I've been busy with photo shoots, editing, fall cleaning the house, telling army friends good bye. and trying to find fall clothes that will fit my petite child.

I bought these adorable shoes for Emmy from Etsy. 

They are so cute!!

I'm in love with this new body wash for Emmy.  With fall apon us, this is just the right scent!

I did find Emmy some jeans and this pea coat.  Now I just need to find some pants for her that won't fall off her itty bitty body.

This is our front door fall decor.  The ribbon is from Wally World and the rest is from the Dollar Store.  Cheap and easy!!

The Waldo family has left us.  Yes, they've heard all the Where's Waldo jokes.  Adam graduated, packed up and left for North Dakota all in the same day.  We miss them already!  

This is what I found the other morning...maybe she got hot?!

Also, on Saturday I had the privilege to shoot this little man.  He is turing one year old this week!  He was so good despite being sick and not to mention the camera loved him!!  I'm so excited to start editing the pictures from this shoot.  

Again, I'll be in SC October 22-25 if anyone would like to book a session for family pictures.  Contact me for times and prices!

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