Monday, October 11, 2010

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today I decided on a whim to take a pregnancy test.  Not thinking it would actually be positive I took the test and laid it on the counter and went to grab some lunch.  After eating lunch and doing a few household chores I remembered my test and went to look at it before throwing it in the trash.  To my amazement this is what I saw. 

I stood in the bathroom for a moment staring at the word by myself trying, but not yet, comprehending all the realizations that come from this one word.  

Then I called my husband.  He was busy packing for training so at the moment he really wasn't interested in what I had to tell him, but he came anyway and all I could do was hand him the test with a big cheesy grin on my face.  

He was equally excited and bragged all that night about his amazing "super sperm"  (too much?).  We sat down together just taking the moment in.  Thinking of how drastically our lives had changed in one split second.  About 5 million questions about the future came to our minds.  

And now, a year later, I love this man so much more for the husband he is to me, but also for the father he has become.  And all due to God's amazing grace we have been blessed with the sweet sounds of baby babbles and the joys of toothless smiles.


  1. I'm not exactly sure how you got her to "stand up" in that one picture, but it's precious! lol she looks like a tiny little grown up! (Unless she is actually standing on her own...then, well, I'm pretty impressed!)

  2. oh my gosh that middle picture is to die for! i just want to drive to alabama and put her in my purse and take her home ;) i guess you'd miss her too much though so i'll just have to wait for a visit!


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