Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ode to MAX

My family found out today that our dachshund, Max, pass away in his sleep at the kennel while my parents were on a cruise for their anniversary.  It was a shock.  He was not acting sick at all.  Granted the full bred pup was twelve years old and getting a bit slow, he was still the same dog I grew up with whenever I would visit.

My parents got him when I was 13, a few months after we lost my grandfather.  My brother and I loved having the puppy inside.
I remember my brother, who was six years old at the time, would grab a handful of dog treats and lay them in a line from the kitchen to his room in the mornings so Max would follow him and hang out.
I remember cuddling with Max on my bed while I studied or watched tv.
I remember my brother and I play wrestling and Max getting worried and barking until we stopped.
I remember getting up early one cold morning and sitting outside with him while it snowed - it was so peaceful.
I remember coming home from college on the weekends and seeing Max so excited that he wouldn't stop following me around
I remember him cuddling all day with my brother when he had the flu
I remember him killing the bat that got into our house one October - random, I know

My family has so many memories with him.  Pets become such a big part in a family and I big part of our daily schedules that it is hard not to be upset as if we lost a family member.   I will miss him.

Be the person your dog thinks you are.

Yes, this poor dog let me dress him up like this!


Again, he was so cooperative.

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