Monday, October 18, 2010

Life has been extremely crazy lately!  Emmalyn has been rolling so she is becoming a little more high maintenance and it will only get worse with the new things she'll be learning.  In my free time I'm editing like a mad woman in order to get caught up for upcoming photography sessions.

This weekend was especially busy.  On Friday night we asked the Skellys to be Emmalyn's Godparents.  They were thrilled and said yes.  On Saturday we went to a baby shower and then to Aplin Farms with our Bible study group.  After the pumpkin patch we headed to the Skellys house to grill out, watch some football and have a bonfire.  We had so much fun - we are not going to mention the part where the Gamecocks lost.  It was really great to be outdoors and with friends.

Emmy and her Godfather talking to each other.

The girls goofing off at the pumpkin patch (Aplin Farms)

Emmalyn.  I wonder what she is thinking.  Maybe "why am I sitting on the ground" or "why are my pants almost up to my arm pits?"  or "will this lady ever put that camera down?!"

Since I'm usually the one snapping all the pictures, there are a ton of photos of Caleb and Emmalyn, so when someone else offers to take a picture of all of us I jump at the opportunity!  This is one of the only family pictures we have.

I love this picture!

The men

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