Monday, May 4, 2009

Water and Wedding Plans

Lately I've taken advantage of down time by spending a lot of it with family, doing very active outdoor activities and researching photography. I have always been interested in photography but never thought I would have the time or as much desire to take it anywhere and for some reason the art has been playing in mind. Apparently my husband and I are more alike than we thought. I love the fact that we are both persurers and even if we don't quite know what we want, we trust God does.
For now, I'm just getting started with the photography. My sister-in-law has been thinking about selling her Cannon Rebel and I've known this for months. About a week ago I called her up and asked her if she still had the camera and if she wanted to still sell it and she did! I was so excited! It is a great camera for a beginner and I also get some accessories too! God has definitely blessed this random passion of mine : )
In other headline news, my best friend, Katie Beth, got engaged! She will soon be Katie Beth McBride and she could not be happier. She was such a great help when I was planning my wedding and I feel very honored not only to be apart of her day, but to also be someone she's turning to for wedding advice -hey what's a bridesmaid for :)
I remember how I felt the first few days after Caleb asked me to be his wife. I didn't think life would ever get any better than that moment. I felt like I could fly because I was so excited and the future never looked so wide open. I'm so happy for my friend and her fiance.

This picture was taken on Lake Murray. My mom and I spent a Sunday afternoon just hanging out with her friend on her boat and had a blast! I'm definitely using my time wisely don't ya think? And the sun tan is just a bonus!

KB at work the night after getting engaged. Can you see that glow? Rob asked her at sunset on Lake Murray in his friend's boat. They ate Chinese (not exactly the best for the post-engagement kiss : ) and her fortune cookie read "Will you marry me?"

A close-up of the ring. The center diamond is Rob's grandmother's that she gave him to give to his bride and the rest is exactly what KB had envisioned.

Just looking at this made me feel relaxed.

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