Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Morning with Bumper and Dixie

It's 0800 and Kayla is still sound asleep. Bumper comes out of the closet, where he sleeps on a bed made for Dixie, and stretches.

Dixie: you ready?
Bumper: heck yeah, I got to go!
Dixie: Okay, I'll start us off

Dixie proceeds to climb up to Kayla's face, get very close to it and stare.

Bumper: Dude, that's not working.
Dixie: hold on, I think she's almost there. Just a little while longer.
Bumper: Whatever chick, get out of the way and let me show you how its done

Bumper then nudges Dixie off of the bed, puts both front paws on Kayla's face and pounds. She pushes him off.

Dixie: Bumps, this is taking too long! We've got to go!
Bumper: Simmer down, I got this
Bumper runs to the back door and back to the bed where he attempts to jump on it but it is too high and he ends up knocking Kayla in the face (this time accidentally) but finally waking her up.

Bumper: YES! YES! I did it!
Dixie: Show off. Let's just go. peeing really isn't that exciting.

Kayla opens the back door as she sighs and mumbles her way back to bed.

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