Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adventures in Dog Grooming

So lately my life has included blockbuster movies, researching photography and my two dogs, particularly keeping them clean. I love my dogs, but they also love the outdoors. It is hard enough keeping dogs clean when they just go outside to do their business and remain indoors the rest of their time, however, Dixie and Bumper love to go outside and frolic around the backyard and then come inside panting and begging for water. I love that they can get all of their energy out together without me having to do a thing, except groom them.
I have definitely gotten use to bath time with Dixie. Bumper was a bit of a challenge just because he is 60+ pounds, thinks he is Dixie's size and is deathly afraid of bath time. I thought labs were superposed to love water, but my awesome husband informed me that he chased the poor dog as a puppy with a water hose and ever since he has run like a coward from water.
Well, I've found Bumper's other enemy...pedi paws. Now no one (that I know of) has chased either of my dogs with this wonderful invention, and Dixie will lay calmly in my lap while I groom her nails with it but as soon as Bumper got close to the contraption he cried like a baby and ran to hide. I tried to show him that it wouldn't hurt him by holding it while he was close to me and then turning it on and letting him sniff it. Seems logical. But, as soon as I go for his paw he runs. So, picture this. I make him sit, straddle his back to hold him down and go for it - he's still not having it. With me on his back he starts to soldier crawl away from this 12 inch cylinder as if it is about to blow up.
I gave up trying because I couldn't stop laughing.
I really wish I had a video camera handy and 8 arms available at my disposal. Just try to imagine the scenario, you might think it is funny too.

My favorite thing to see in my mailbox.

The dog that trusts me.

I've been thinking and thanking God of how in love with my husband I am. I was joking with Caleb's dad the other day and said that I'm glad I loved my husband before he decided to change his life plan and join the army to fly helicopters because I might not have been so open to the idea
of being an army wife 8 years ago : ) It just goes to show that we were made for each other and God's timing, again, is perfect.

Bumper's biggest fear...

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