Monday, May 11, 2009

A girl can dream

So, my friend Ashley and I have decided that we are going to open up a life event company. Meaning with our degrees and experience we would be life coaches.
All of the details of course are not exactly in place yet, but our business will go something like this.

Ashley will plan their wedding and I (in time) will photograph the event. Then they will get pregnant, Ashley will be the sonographer and let them know what the gender of their child will be and that it is okay, or if they are having multiples and I will deliver them. All while we share God's love with them. HE HE! This sounds perfect!!!
Of course, for now, this is a hoax but a girl can dream!

Getting hitched June 27! You can see Melanie CARTER dancing with her dad!

This is Kari and me at Amanda and Matt's wedding

Just liked this

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