Sunday, May 17, 2009


This past weekend was so wonderful! I got to spend so much time with some great friends in celebration of the next to become a wife, Clory. First I would like to say that she is going to marry one of the most amazing men I know. Payton is driven, a genius, clean, has a sense of humor, and will soon be Dr. Foust. I could not be more happy for my friend and the hopeful future she has awaiting her.

With that said, I would like to tell you about the festivities of the bachelorette weekend. We started off at Taco Boy where we were introduced to fish tacos, which were not bad I must say. Then we strutted our stuff to the beach where we stayed for 3+ hours, talking, taking dips in the still rather cold ocean water and reminiscing about high school, our husbands, and what life has in story for us. After our very girlie gab fest, eight of us when back to Clory's new James Island apartment, which has one bathroom, and took very quick showers. This was kind of amusing because there are eight girls taking showers, blow drying their hair, putting on makeup, laughing, and trying on 3+ outfits and asking each other "what do you think about this one?" all at the same time. Every guy's nightmare to be stuck in! But this is what girls do and we were all ready for dinner within an hour and a half with no girl fights to mention.

Our hostess, Amanda, lead us to Hank's, a wonderful seafood restaurant in downtown Charleston where there were 2 bottles of wine waiting for us from the bride's husband-to-be (I told you he was great). Dinner was a blast and we definitely took our time enjoying the good food. I think Clory loved having her best friends surrounding her in her honor, and we were so happy to be there with her.

We decided to take the party to the streets and have a nice stroll with our friend in all of her bachelorette ensemble, complete with a crown, sash, and boa. She was rather embarrassed but got over it as the night went on.

I've posted some pictures of this "unforgetable" weekend.

Payton and Clory ~ June 12, 2009

This is Amanda's "bird's nest" after working all night.

Well, this is a bit blurry, but it looks like Hazel is attached to Clory's chin

Becoming domesticated. Maybe I'll rub off on them, or maybe they are just wearing those aprons for looks ;)

The Bachelorette

On our way home. A 1.5 hour ride that turned into 3 hours complete with 3 wrecks and pouring rain. The luggage and I were companions in the backseat.

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