Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Recent Happenings

The Wilkes have been having a lot of fun lately.  Emmy has been living up the spring time with camping with her cousins, strawberry picking, playing outside, and hopefully soon, playing at the pool.  

Emmy is a fun-loving, strong-willed, energetic, but soft-hearted two year old.  She is so much like her dad and me and it is a joy to get to see the similarities each day.  If you ask her what she likes to do, she'll simply say "play all day!"  Oh, the life of a toddler.

In about month, my daughter will turn three and just three months after that, she'll be a sibling.  Life is taking some turns that we didn't expect, but we are rolling with it and love having Emmy with us.

With the beautiful weather out lately, I've gotten a few chances to photograph my girl.  Getting a mother/daughter photo is not gonna happen with this one for a while though.  Most of my photographs are me chasing her around and hoping to get a smile in between the outtakes.  

A few weeks ago, our family went strawberry picking.  It has become a tradition for us.  However, since we starting this tradition, Emmy will only eat strawberries from the field and not the ones in the containers from the grocery stores unless it is cooked in something.  Two-year old tendencies. 

 We started a behavior chart with Emmy a couple of weeks back.  My friend, Liz, gave me the idea - except mine is no where near as cool as hers.  Emmy gets a sticker each time she she completes a specific task that we ask her to (ie., eating her dinner without delay, going to bed without getting up numerous times, etc.),  and after 10 stickers, she gets to get a prize like a book or frozen yogurt with mommy and daddy, or a toy.  Her first prize was a bubble gun.  I got it from Target, and she loves it!  Caleb didn't think it was going to work, but it actually worked really well and it is so much better than blowing bubbles over and over again. 

 A fews ago, I had a photo shoot at the Horseshoe downtown and we saw Coach Spurrier and some guys from the team.  I told Emmy those were the gamecocks which she thought was so cool!  I asked Spurrier for a photo and this is what we got.  Not the best (I didn't even want to be in it, but Spurrier had an issue with holding a "baby"), but it is a pic of my girl and me with the Gamecocks coach.  Pretty epic in my book!

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