Thursday, May 30, 2013

Emmy's Life

Being a toddler is seems like so much fun.  You get to take naps everyday, and the rest of the time is spent playing.  However, for the parents of toddlers, it can seem like a day by day process of teaching, and disciplining, and answering the same questions that were answered the day before. 

I must say, that lately Emmy has seemed so much more grown up lately.  She surprises our whole family on a daily basis and I love getting to be her momma. 

Here's Emmy and Porter hanging out.  They get along so well and have so much fun together.

 Apparently they worked up an appetite

Having just one kid is pretty easy.  Especially when she is easily entertained.  I really love this snapshot of her one rainy afternoon.

She is such a little momma.  She jumps at any opportunity to help with any baby that is around, especially baby Blythe.  She's going to be just a good big sister!

And with all the sunny weather lately, we have really enjoyed spending afternoons at the pool.

I think she has more fun when daddy comes with us.

Speaking of swimming, Emmy got a new pet fish.  She named him Gamecock (which Caleb and I love!), and she is very diligent about feeding him everyday.

She is so intuitive and genuinely concerned for others.  I've been really tired lately and I guess I'm not good at hiding it because she'll randomly come up to me and say "Momma, you not feelin' good?"  "Is the baby kicking you?"  

She also loves to cuddle and asks us for a "hug and a kiss" before she goes to bed. 

I seriously can't get enough of this kid.  I hope the one that is brewing in me now is just like his or her sister.

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